UTFT_GHL - The most comprehensive Font IC support package to date! Exclusively distributed by ColdTears Electronics. Graham Lawrence proudly associated with ColdTears Electronics. UTFT_GHL - The most comprehensive Font IC support package to date! Exclusively distributed by ColdTears Electronics. Graham Lawrence proudly associated with ColdTears Electronics. UTFT_GHL - The most comprehensive Font IC support package to date! Exclusively distributed by ColdTears Electronics. Graham Lawrence proudly associated with ColdTears Electronics.

High performance TFT SD Touch Shield for DUE

Available now!! GHL Super TFT Shield for Arduino DUE V1.00

** Only 8 left! ** - Order now as Version 2 is more costly!!!!!

GHL Super TFT shield for Arduino DUE V1.0

I have developed a brand new Arduino DUE TFT Shield, providing lots of cool new features :-

This is the current production design :-

First complete non-stacking shield

Proudly presenting MY new Non-Stackable fully complete TFT shield SN/003

Stackable - Super TFT shield

And here MY new Stackable TFT shield SN/004


The initial idea of making the TFT shield stackable and using pins for the TFT connector was so that a standard computer IDE cable could be used to connect the shield and display. There is however a problem with that idea! Ribbon cables require the orientation of both headers to be the same, in other words, both facing up, or both facing down. The situation with ALL TFT Shields, not just mine, is that the pins on the display are 'down' and the pins on the shield are 'up', as such a standard ribbon cable is useless without some sort of modification (or adapter). I can supply such an adapter.

** Delivery available now **

IDE Cable adapter :-

Qty available is now 12 remaining, new order will be ready assembled!

Super-tft-adapter - Top

Super-tft-adapter - Bottom


Kits for self assembly

Parts included :-

Stackable £8.50

1 x PCB

1 x SD Card holder

1 x Set of long leg headers

1 x Set of resistors and capacitors

1 x 40 pin angled header

1 x 40 pin IDE cable adapter

1 x Instructions


Non-stackable £5.00

1 x PCB

1 x SD Card holder

1 x Set of headers

1 x Set of resistors and capacitors


IDE Cable adaptor £3.00

1 x Adaptor PCB

2 x 40 Pin Header Pins


**All prices subject to P&P. Pre-order for a quote**

** Version 2 - Coming soon **

Following on from the success of Version 1, Version 2 was dreampt up as a result of perfecting the 'multichip' version of UTFT_GHL when I decided more storage space would be useful. This version will still allow simultaneous use of 3 Flash chips to behave as a single Font IC, however with the inclusion of twin SOIC16 footprints, this can accomodate (upto) twin 1Gb Flash ICs which potentially facilitate a Font IC of upto 272MB, or upto 48MB utilising the twin SOIC8 footprints. If anyone would like to push this to the extreme and utilise all 5 Flash chips, this could yield a maximum 304MB but would require further work on the library!! Let me know if this is something you require. Regardless of Font IC/UTFT_GHL useage, you can have independent use of all 5 Flash devices!

Update 2nd May 2017 :-

V2.5 !!

With some remaining available board space my thoughts turned towards 'what else can I add?', this is what I came up with :-

RTC (DS3231 or DS3234) can be incorporated, bringing genuine RTC abilities to the DUE!

25LC640I (8KBx8) Offers much needed EEPROM to the DUE. (EEPROM Foot print can be used as Flash also)

Multiplexing circuitry allows all onboard SPI devices to be driven while still keeping Pins 4 and 10 free for use with Ethernet/WiFi Shields.

Twin SOIC8 and Twin SOIC16 footprints maximise flash possibilities with all four available simultaneously. (Five if using EEPROM as Flash)

An additional duplicate TFT header has been added allowing the use of a ribbon cable to connect to the TFT.

The new board (subject to pending quotes for assembly) will come with Micro SD socket and all SMD components ready fitted, but will still be shipped in 'kit' form, requiring you to fit the various Through Hole headers. Stackable and Non-Stackable varieties will be available.

GHL Super AWESOME TFT shield for Arduino DUE V2.7 - Coming soon...

Update 9th May 2017 :- Due to unacceptably high quotes for assembly of several permutations of the possible combinations of the options listed for V2.5, the board will only come fitted with the SD card holder and all resistors and capacitors. This is basically a bare TFT shield with plenty of upgrade opportunities.

Stackable kits will include a bare TFT shield board with stackable headers. IDE cable adaptor not required as the board supports this.

Non-Stackable kits will include a bare TFT shield with normal pins.

Update 16th May 2017 :- True twin INDEPENDENT TFT interface capable!!

Since adding the extra TFT header, I wondered if it were possible to deliver a unique 2nd TFT interface and how best to do this. With the inclusion of additional CS, RS, WR and RST signals for TFT2, it should be possible to have 2 unique TFT displays simultaneously. However this will bring about power supply considerations! For maximum flexibility it is possible to configure TFT2 as a simple duplicate of TFT1 such that sketches will not need re-writing if you just want the display on the end of a ribbon or plugged in to the shield.

With the addition of Solder pads for LCD_A and LCD_VCC for TFT2, external power can be supplied to TFT2 independent of Arduino power, trully allowing twin independent TFT displays!

Update 24th May 2017 - FINAL Production design

Final last minute changes before production starts, inclusion of four more jumpers to increase flexibility of CS selection for the TFT mounted Flash IC possibilities. Also finally, six additional jumpers added to facilitate posibilities of touch functions with twin TFT operation. Production will start 25th May!

Bare TFT shield ( Fitted with all Resistors/Caps and Micro SD holder ) price confirmed at $15.50. Should have been $11.50 until the UK Customs and revenue wanted some!

It is happening!! (8th June)

Assembly will be starting probably next week. I anticipate delivery within the next Month, then the real work begins, updating the library and Flash_Multifunction.

And so it begins. Time to get this thing working! (22nd June 2017)

Update 18th September 2017 -

I am now working full time as a security guard, as such my availability is somewhat reduced so development of the library support for this thing is/has been slow! However I can report that I have updated Flash_MultiFunction to work with 5 Flash ICs as a single Font IC and updates to UTFT_GHLx will follow soon. Once this is complete, I plan to work on implementing the multiplexed SPI CS option although at first glance, this may not be possible for the RTC if you choose the DS3234 option, further investigation needed on that issue.

If you are capable and competent with SMD IC's I can supply kits including the IC's you require as follows :-

Quickly figure out the price with this handy selector tool!

A Pre-order button will appear after you click Calculate.

Item Price Select Conflict
Bare TFT PCB $15.50  
Multiplex Option (IC1 and IC2) $00.57  
EEPROM Option (U5 64kb 8KB) $00.88  
Flash Options      
Max 8pin Flash kit (U1 and U2 128mb 16MB) (32MB) $02.22  
16 pin Flash kit (U3 and U4 128mb 16MB) (32MB) $02.41  
Max 16pin Flash kit (U3 and U4 256mb 32MB) (64MB) $03.66  
Max Flash kit (U1 and U2 (128mb 16MB), U3 and U4 (256mb 32MB)) (96MB) $05.88  
RTC/Battery holder Options      
SPI RTC kit (U6 and Bat1) $05.75  
I2C RTC kit (U8 and Bat1) $01.75  
Header Options      
Stackable $02.75  
Non-Stackable $00.00  
Subtotal $   $15.50£12.27
Typical Postal Charge $   $04.36£03.45
Total $   $19.86£15.72


Full breakdown of jumper configuration options :-

GHL Super AWESOME TFT Configuration
Primary Jumper Associated Jumpers Function
JP3 - TFTx LCD_A+ 5V
JP4 - TFTx LCD_A+ 3.3V
JP5 - TFTx LCD_A+ PWM (Pin 9)
JP6 Not with JP8/13/23/28 U3 CS (Pin 53)
JP7 Not with JP23 U3 CS (Pin 10)
JP8 Not with JP6/13/28 TFTx SD CS (Pin 53) - Shared TFT1 & TFT2
JP9 Not with JP8 or JP10 TFTx SD CS (Pin 4) - Shared TFT1 & TFT2
JP10 Not with JP9 or JP13 Shield SD CS (Pin 4)
JP11 Requires JP50 or JP51 TFTx Alt Flash CS (Pin 52) - Not with JP27 or JP58
JP12 - TFTx 5V for 7" Display
JP13 Not with JP6/8/10 Shield SD CS (Pin 53)
JP14 Not with JP24 U4 CS (Pin 4)
JP15 Not with JP24 U4 CS (Pin 43)
JP16 Not with JP21 U1 CS (Pin 43)
JP17 Not with JP21 U1 CS (Pin 23)
JP18 Not with JP22 U2 CS (Pin 4)
JP19 Not with JP22 U2 CS (Pin 42)
JP20 Not with JP39 RTC SQW/Int (Pin 22)
JP21 Not with JP16 or JP17 SOIC8 Flash1 U1 CS - SPI Mux device 1
JP22 Not with JP18 or JP19 SOIC8 Flash2 U2 CS - SPI Mux device 2
JP23 Not with JP6 or JP7 SOIC16 Flash1 U3 CS - SPI Mux device 3
JP24 Not with JP14 or JP15 SOIC16 Flash2 U4 CS - SPI Mux device 4
JP25 Not with JP28 or JP35 EEPROM U5 CS - SPI Mux device 5
JP26 Not with JP33 or JP34 SPI RTC U6 CS - SPI Mux device 6
JP27 JP37, JP38, JP49 TFTx Flash CS - SPI Mux device 7 - Not with JP11 or JP58
JP28 Not with JP25 or JP35 U5 CS (Pin 53)
JP29 Requires JP21-JP27 SPI CS Mux Enable
JP30 Requires JP31 I2C RTC - CLK Enable - Not with JP32
JP31 Requires JP30 I2C RTC - Data Enable - Not with JP32
JP32 Not with JP30 or JP31 U6 SPI RTC - Data Enable
JP33 Not with JP26/30/31/34 U6 CS (Pin 42)
JP34 Not with JP26/30/31/33 U6 CS (Pin 43)
JP35 Not with JP25 or JP28 U5 CS (Pin 23)
JP36 - RTC SQW/Int (Pin 41)
JP37 Requires JP27 or JP49 TFT1 Flash CS Enable - Not with JP38
JP38 Requires JP27 or JP49 TFT2 Flash CS Enable - Not with JP37
JP39 Requires JP46/47/48 TFT2 LCD_RST (Pin 22) - Not with JP20
JP40 Requires JP41 - JP45 TFT2 LCD_RS mirrors TFT1 LCD_RS
JP41 Requires JP40/42-45 TFT2 LCD_WR mirrors TFT1 LCD_WR
JP42 Requires JP40/41/43-45 TFT2 LCD_CS mirrors TFT1 LCD_CS
JP43 Requires JP40-42/44-45 TFT2 LCD_RST mirrors TFT1 LCD_RST
JP44 Requires JP40-43/45 TFT2 LCD_A+ mirrors TFT1 LCD_A+
JP45 Requires JP40 - JP44 TFT2 LCD_VCC mirrors TFT1 LCD_VCC
JP46 Requires JP39/47/48 TFT2 LCD_WR (Pin 30)
JP47 Requires JP39/46/48 TFT2 LCD_CS (Pin 29)
JP48 Requires JP39/46/47 TFT2 LCD_RS (Pin 31)
JP49 JP27, JP37, JP38 TFTx Flash CS (Pin 52)
JP50 Requires JP11 or JP58 TFT1 Alt Flash CS Enable - Not with JP51
JP51 Requires JP11 or JP58 TFT2 Alt Flash CS Enable - Not with JP50
JP52 Not with JP53 Touch 1 TFT2 TP_CS
JP53 Not with JP52 Touch 1 TFT1 TP_CS
JP54 Not with JP55 Touch 1 TFT2 TP_IRQ
JP55 Not with JP54 Touch1 TFT1 TP_IRQ
JP56 Requires JP57 Touch2 TFT2 TP_CS (Pin 12)
JP57 Requires JP56 Touch2 TFT2 TP_IRQ (Pin 11)
JP58 Requires JP50 or JP51 TFTx Alt Flash CS - SPI Mux device 7 - Not with JP11 or JP27


Comments most welcome!!

Arduino forum thread or my contact page is fine.